Complete Deep Clean Solution

Our 3 Step Complete Deep Clean Solution

High demand for a true Deep-Clean Service has resulted in Marinevac creating an entire department dedicated to a 3 step deep clean solution for superyachts, cruise ships and offshore marine facilities.

Over the years we’ve developed an unparalleled service which ensures a spotless, sterilised environment free of harmful diseases and airborne pathogens.


Flushing of grey water lines

Our unique system flushes sinks, showers, urinals and galley floor drains with minimal disruption.

Puracator is a unique machine that has been specially designed to prevent blockages and keep onboard drains clean and infection-free, often without the need to dismantle much of the pipework making it less disruptive for engineers and crew alike.

  • Cleaning – Puracator delivers a none damaging pressurised ‘ring’  of hot water which, combined with a de-greasing agent, removes  fatty deposits and fungi from the entire inner surface of the pipe  work, including any bio-film which may have formed on the inner  surface of the pipework.
  • Preventing – We then apply with the Puracator a biocide  treatment to inhibit future bacteria growth.

Adopting an “out of sight out of mind” attitude towards the cleanliness of a vessel’s sinks, showers and galley drains is not recommended!

Dirty drains containing bio film and bacteria can be costly in terms of health issues and downtime due to blockages, both of which can be inconvenient and expensive in the long term.


A genuinely clean and odour-free bathroom will greatly enhance the onboard experience and go a long way to preventing infections, health issues and associated expense.

Your guests and crew not only want to feel clean, they need the reassurance that their environment is germ free. For this to happen, you need to look below the surface.


Deep Clean

A deep clean of all surfaces using the most effective equipment and chemicals.

Professional Service Engineers with a knowledge of how to apply themselves within the marine industry will carry out a thorough deep clean and sanitisation including:

  • Galleys/kitchens, hot & cold pantries, cold, dry & freeze stores, walk-in fridges, cooker hoods, ovens and all relevant appliances
  • Tiled or waterproof floorings, shower cabin units, corridors, walls, ceilings
  • Mess rooms, lounges and sleeping accommodation
  • Gymnasiums, spas, leisure facilities
  • Kitchen/galley extract cleaning services

Normal daily cleaning of cooker hoods, kitchens, cold stores and freezers is not enough to remove deeply embedded germicides and bacteria.

Stubborn dust nests, fats, insects, fungi and invisible bacteriological contamination accumulate in places you normally cannot reach by standard cleaning alone.

Microorganisms live in every part of the biosphere, some of them are even capable of growing at low temperatures, including those below freezing point.

These microorganisms unfortunately are also apparent in everyday life, i.e. refrigerators, stores etc, where they collect as pathogens and contaminate foods.

Therefore, although storing foods in the refrigerator is the best way to keep them safe from bacterial contamination, there are also types of bacteria that can grow in cold temperatures.

Most of these microorganisms are able to grow below temperatures of 00-20C. They can enter the refrigerator through raw and improperly packaged foods, through an open refrigerator door, poorly maintained refrigerator seals or from a general lack of proper sanitation.

If ingested, these germs can cause dangerous foodborne illnesses.


M.I.S.T. Marine Internal Sterilisation Treatment

Beware hidden dangers. Untreated environments lead to unwanted illness.

Once all the surface drains have been cleaned it’s time to rid the entire vessel of any airborne pathogens to ensure a 100% clean environment.

  • M.I.S.T – is expertly applied with specialist sprayers that form a fine mist.
  • M.I.S.T is a non-toxic contact cloud, which means when it touches  any surface it eradicates 99.9999% of all airborne and surface  pathogens and viruses including MRSA, Salmonella, Legionella and Norovirus.
  • No need to cover any surfaces, M.I.S.T can be applied to even the  application of all hard and soft furnishings for maximum effect.
  • Our formulated biocide, which is listed on the Biocide Register, does not contain Ozone or any bleaching product such as Hydrogen Peroxide. It is completely safe to use in food  preparation environments.
Mist treatment for yachts by MarineVac

The proliferation of bacteria, viruses, mycobacteria, moulds and fungi can lead to a host of problems ranging from general poor health to acute sickness. Bugs spread quickly and crew being laid low can make a big difference to the smooth running of your vessel. Guests being incapacitated can result in far-reaching damage to your reputation. A situation which won’t get better quickly.

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