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Breathing unhealthy air at work can be dangerous, but it’s also preventable

The AC system is an important aspect of any vessel, as such it is important to invest some time and money in its maintenance

Like any other installation, AC requires regular maintenance and care. If you don’t clean and maintain the system, its performance will start to slip with the possibility that elements within the system will start to fail.

Clean air ducts - why?

To prevent/restrict the concentration/growth of microbiological bacteria, mould and yeast within HVAC systems. Any form of concentration of microbiological contamination in the air can raise the risk of negative influences of people’s health.

To prevent/restrict the concentration/growth of dust particles/pollution levels, for example forms of crystalline and carbon materials etc. Again, these forms of pollution can raise the risk of negative influences of people’s health.

HVAC System Inspection and Cleansing Services

  • Reconditioning of Air Handling Units
  • Kitchen/Galley Extract System Cleansing Service – ICE-Clean Technology
  • Electronic Disinfecting Process
  • Inspection: Robotic Camera, Microbiological, Deposit Thickness and Airborne Micro-Dust Testing options
  • Explosion Safe Video and Endosopic examination
  • TR19 and HTM03-01 Standards
  • Air Technical Adjustments

Galley ventilation

Grease attracts dust and increases fire risk. Keeping ducts clean is essential for safety and hygiene.


A frequent cleansing/inspection program of air ducting internals and air handling systems. We would highly recommend the cleaning of both the inlet and outlet ducts regularly, at least once per year. Also, we recommend that a disinfection process of the air ducts be implemented two times per year.

Maintaining a healthy-low-risk environment is paramount in the influences of people’s health.

Additionally, the cleansing programs should prolong the lifespan of air handling systems as well as assisting in the maintaining of the internal appearance of the building/vessel.

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