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Super Yacht Pipe Work Descaling and Waste Water Management Services


Established in 2007, Marinevac has become one of the leading companies for pipe work descaling and waste water management on board super yachts in many destinations worldwide.


The company has also developed and grown in line with customer needs and now offers additional services via its links with fellow professionals, providing services in a timely and cost-effective manner.


These include:

Grey water sink & drain cleaning

PURAMYST (Internal Sterilisation Treatment)

EVAC spare parts

EVAC and Jets pump repair

HVAC duct cleaning & sterilisation

Marine tank cleaning & discharge services

Complete Deep Clean Solution

Norovirus Sanitisation Solution

Advanced Pipe Relining

Marinevac is working globally with the world’s largest super yachts, with the head office in Palma de Mallorca services can be offered in Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Florida, Malta, Sint Maarten, South East Asia and Australia.


Marinevac’s mission is to provide our customers with an extremely high level of quality service, working together with similar minded local professionals to achieve a common goal…..”Your Total Satisfaction”

Black water pipe de-scaling

From our outlets in Mallorca, South of France, Malta, Gibraltar, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, the United States, South East Asia and Australia, Marinevac offers a global pipe de-scaling service operation, enabling your sewage system to be cleaned effectively with minimum inconvenience to the yacht, crew and guests.

Marine Vac Deep Clean Yacht Service

Complete Deep Clean Solution

High demand for a true Deep-Clean Service has resulted in Marinevac creating an entire department dedicated to a 3 step deep clean solution for superyachts, cruise ships and offshore marine facilities. Our service ensures a spotless, sterilised environment free of harmful diseases and airborne pathogens.

Grey water sink and drain service.

Blocked, restricted or slow flowing grey water drains are a common problem on board yachts. If left untreated blockages caused from the build up of soap, hair, grease, fat and food waste can become a serious problem which can also result in flooding.

Marinevac has experience and expertise in resolving such issues…

Tank cleaning and emptying service

Due to heavy corrosion it is important that all waste water tanks are inspected and cleaned every year as part of a yachts preventative maintenance programme.


Marinevac have the experience and technology to provide the perfect solution…

MIST MarienVac


PURAMYST provides the ultimate purification system with the proven capability to rid your environment of 99.9% of all health and performance affecting bacteria and viruses.



Marine HVAC.

Marinevac through its trusted partners aim to encourage hygenic indoor air quality throughout the HVAC system. Health benefits, such as reduced employee illness/sickness costs, are a major beneficial reward to employers who utilise our services.


Evac spare parts

Marinevac can supplly all your requirements for genuine EVAC spare parts.

EVAC has more than 35 years of experience in developing parts and materials, and a reputation of standing behind our solutions.

Marinevac have the experience and technology to provide the perfect solution…



RYDLYME Marine is a mineral based biodegradable raw water de-scaler designed for the maritime industry to safely dissolve calcium, rust, zebra mussels and other mineral deposits. It is non corrosive to virtually all metals and materials commonly found within water based equipment. Rydlyme Marine is able to dissolve the toughest calcium deposits efficiently and effectively.

Pipe relining for yachts and superyachts


The system that works from inside the pipe work making access easy.


R2Pipetech® is a rapid pipe repair system which coats and protects the interior surface of pipework. The epoxy based coating is applied through the interior of the pipe to stop leaks and protect your pipe from corrosion.


Lorowerk design and manufacture lightweight discharge pipework for shipbuilding and offshore constructions. The LORO piping system includes LORO-X steel discharge pipes, LORO-XC stainless steel pipes and LORO-XD steel pressure pipes for all shipbuilding constructions. Lorowerk pipework has been extensively specified for both gravity and vacuum sanitary systems on all types of vessel.

Superyacht pump maintenance and repair

EVAC and JETS vacuum pump repair service

Prevent unplanned downtime and potentially expensive emergency repairs by booking a regular servicing plan with us. We’ll ensure you receive only genuine original manufacturer high-quality spare parts, and your pumps are serviced by experienced engineers.

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