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Pipe Relining and Repair

Using our pipe repair coating technology we renovate your pipe infrastructure by cleaning & coating the inside of existing pipe saving time, disruption and related expenditure.

Yacht pipework repair and relining

Rehabilitation of pipes offers many advantages compared to the complete replacement of infrastructure. We are the technology leader in applying Vortex epoxy coatings to pipes systems from Potable to Fire Suppression.

The Vortex epoxy lining solution includes removing existing corrosion in the pipes and applying an epoxy coating without the need to take apart internal structures in-wall pipes. Pipe lining is less expensive than traditional pipe replacement costs. Lining is a non-invasive process, so there is minimal disruption. Reconstruction costs for replacing pipe are as much as 50 percent of direct pipe repair costs and Vortex lining eliminates the need for reconstruction. The process is effective in pipes from 10mm up to 300mm (12″) in diameter.

The Premiere Solution For Pipe Repair & System Rehabilitation

With years of cross sector experience, our unique innovative technology has the ability to repair both pressurised piping systems and non-pressurised piping systems using existing access points. We believe we offer the most viable and least disruptive option for pipe repair & rehabilitation. We ensure speed of repair and reduced costs against traditional pipe replacement.

Yacht pipework damage and corosion

1. Purge

Each Pipe section is isolated and connected to our Vortex system

2. Dry

An Air Vortex Is Sent Through The Pipe, Removing All Moisture and loose debris

3. Clean

An Abrasive is Introduced Into the airstream, blasting off all Corrosion to bare metal

4. Coat

A coating is introduced into the Vortex airstream creating a durable coating within the pipe system

Vortex Lining

The Vortex coating process is an economical and efficient alternative to traditional pipe system replacement. Our technology restores aged, corroded piping systems. The Vortex coating product and system is the result of over 7000 research hours dedicated to finding the perfect viscosity, air temperature cure time and delivery systems needed to achieve optimal pipe adherence that provides a longer-lasting piping solution. Once the epoxy coating is applied to the interior of the pipe, it will seal and protect the system from further deterioration, dramatically extending the system’s life. The vortex coating process is a non-invasive procedure permitting operations to continue preventing displacement, and reduced pipe system downtime.

We first drain the water out of the piping system and then run dry heated air through the pipes to ensure the removal of the moisture in the pipes. An abrasive is then added to clean removing all of the corrosion built up and create an anchor tooth for the epoxy to adhere to.

Once the pipe is fully cleaned we then apply an epoxy coating system to the piping system with filter instrument quality air until the pipe is fully coated creating a barrier coating eliminating future corrosion as per the below process.

Pipe systems covered


Potable Water

Grey Water

Gray Water

Black Water

Black Water

Seawater Cooling

Sea Water

Steam System


Ballast System


Bilge Water




A simple coating process

Yacht Pipework Coating Process Graphic

01 Purge
Each Pipe is Isolated and then renovated without ever fully stopping an entire system

02 Dry
An Airflow Vortex is sent through the pipe, removing ALL of the internal moisture

03 Coat
A Polymer Is Sprayed Into The Vortex Coating The Entire Length & Circumference Of The Pipe

04 Dry
An Abrasive Agent is introduced into The Vortex, removing ALL pipe corrosion

A simple coating process

Yacht Pipework Coating Process

How the system works works

01 Engineers arrive on site with appropriate inspection equipment

02 Ship engineer provides access to the pipe system(s)

03 Pipe system(s) are traced and identified

04 Non-destructive gauging of wall thickness taken

05 Camera inspection carried out

06 Localisations with perforation located

07 Damaged sections cut, and micro inspected

08 Photos and videos reviewed and analyzed

09 Report with video analysis via NACE III certified engineers

Pipe cleanings

Our pipe lining system benefits include

100% approved for drinking water and other systems

All Deposits in pipe removed

Creates Barrier between fluids and metal protecting from contaminations

Polymer Lining allows for simple sterilization in cases of bacterial presence

Repairs pinhole leaks that cause molding and rotting around the leak areas

Strengthens systems in durable safe and eco friendly manner

Case Studies

Black Water Pipes cleaned and relined on Super Yacht

300m of Black water, Ballast and Vent systems successfully cleaned and relined on Super Yacht saving the customer significant costs and time. The systems were cleaned and lined reducing timescale against traditional methods by approximately six months, allowing the owners maximum return on their investment.

Potable Water Pipes in Multi-Million Euro Super yacht Relined

Highly skilled technicians were able to solve this problem for the customer without causing any damage to the yacht. Firstly the team inspected the condition of the corroded pipes and assessed the nature of the problem. Borescope pictures revealed areas of the pipe with severe corrosion and significantly reduced diameters as a result.

Grey Water, Ballast, Vents cleaned and Lined on Super Yacht

200+ metres of Grey water system along with Ballast and Vents cleaned and lined providing the owners with significant savings in both costs and time. The technology allowed the shipyard to continue with additional projects with no disruption their teams timescale.

Scuppers, Potable water & Vents systems cleaned and Lined on Super Yacht

230+ metres of Scupper system along with Potable Water and Vent systems cleaned and lined. Employing the Marine Vortex technology allowed the Yacht to continue with undisrupted works to other areas of the yacht, meet the target date for the owners to maximise their time onboard along with delivering significant savings in both costs and time.


Following several years of replacing sections of old Loro X pipework we contacted Marinevac who were contracted to carry out internal in place epoxy pipe lining.

The section of pipe in question was a very difficult section to access making replacement extremely difficult and costly.

To obtain access for replacement extensive carpentry and stone work would have been required to remove two bathrooms. The cost of this could have cost two, three or maybe even four times the price of relining the pipe in place. Combined with the challenge of matching 15 year old wood and stone material finishes and the down time, pipe lining was hands down the way to go.

The equipment and process employed is state of the art. A full survey before, during after works was carried out. This highlighted some points of the pipe run which were a ticking time bomb of mess and hassle just waiting to happen. On completion this also provided proof that the internal coating was evenly applied to the whole section of the pipe run, with no blockages.

The team were very conscious of the care and attention to detail required while working inside the interior of a Large Yacht. The team were easy to work with and they pushed ahead to complete the works in the time frame even when faced with unexpected surprises which occurred during the works.

We hope to see them back onboard in the future to carry out more works.

Jamie Wilson
Chief Engineer, M.Y. Siren

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