Pipe relining and repair – the system that works from inside the pipe work making access easy

Pipe Relining and Repair

Pipe Lining Services provides non-invasive pipe inspection and rehabilitation to repair and reline the interior surface of pipework, applied through the interior of the pipe to stop leaks and protect your pipe from corrosion.

How the system works

CCTV Pipe inspection

To fully understand how best to approach any repair we always recommend a site inspection and carry out a CCTV survey of the inside of the pipework where possible to locate leaking joints, pinholes, scale build up or corrosion.

Our state of the art cameras provide high quality images and footage to show you exactly where the hidden problems are. As part of our inspection services we also offer a mapping service of any drainage or plumbing system if you do not have any current drawings.

Epoxy Coating

The epoxy pipe coating system is a non-invasive process using air to move the epoxy through the pipe, completely coating the walls as it passes through. Pipes as small as 12mm can be coated and the system can negotiate multiple bends and tees - ensuring that the process is contained entirely within the pipework.

Creating a barrier between the walls of the host pipe and the contents, the epoxy coating eliminates internal corrosion and helps prevent the growth of legionella and other micro-organisms. The process is suitable for Fresh, Black or Grey water and Fire Suppression pipework.

Pipe cleaning and lining for yachts

The Process

Economical and efficient

The pipes are drained and dried using warm air, then cleaned to SA 2.5 using air blown grit or mechanically cleaned with sand paper/chains, depending on condition of the pipe.

Once satisfied with the surface preparation the pipe is heated ready to receive the epoxy coating which is blown through until reaching the exit. As air is used and not other methods such as brush or spray, the coating can easily negotiate multiple bends and tee’s over long distances, doing away with the need to remove wall panels, tiled bathrooms or ceilings – saving time and reducing costs compared to a repipe. With the ability to coat pipes as small as 12mm (1/2inch) up to 100mm (4”) and larger in some cases, we can comfortably say there are not many systems we cannot work on.

As this method of application was developed in conjunction with the US Navy we can assure you of its success within the marine industry and with close relations with the epoxy manufacturers we have epoxies to cover many different systems from black and grey water, fire suppression, fuel lines and potable water, all offering a 10 year warranty.

We have gained a reputation for delivering full turnkey projects within tight time and budget constraints for yachts and superyachts throughout Europe.

The benefits

Cost Effective
Our cleaning system works without the need to remove and replace any pipework, saving a significant amount of money on both materials and labour costs.

Better Than New
The pipe lining process can also be used as a preventative measure in corrosive or aggressive environments.

Increased flow rate
Our pipe cleaning and lining process will improve the flow rates in your system reducing energy costs.

Through wall corrosion
Through wall corrosion can reduce water flow. Our process gives you the flow your system was designed to deliver.

No more dirty Water
No more dirty Water or LEAD contamination – eliminate rusty water or water contamination. Eliminate lead or copper contamination. Our pipe cleaning and relining delivers to you a pure, clean, piping system.

Legionella Bacteria
Reduce the opportunity for Legionella Bacteria to reside in the corrosion and tuberculation in your pipes.

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