Vacuum de-Scaling FAQs

Is there much disruption to the day to day running of the yacht?

No, You would not notice any difference. The system will be running as normal and there are no hoses or pumps anywhere. All toilets would be functioning as normal during the cleaning process.

Could the system leak and damage furnishings with acid?

No, as long as the system / pipe work remains under vacuum.

Is this system tested on site?

Yes, the system has been used on some of the largest yachts and Liners in the world.

How often should the system be cleaned?

It is recommended to be cleaned annually as part of a vessels preventative breakdown maintenance.

Can this system be used on Loro and Blucher pipe work?

Yes, Loro and Blucher pipe work is designed specifically to work under vacuum and should not be cleaned under pressure as this may cause damage to jointing seals.

How long does it take to clean the toilet system of a yacht?

This is dependant on the following factors:
* Number of lines to be cleaned
* Length of pipe line to collection tank
* Level of calcinate build up

Can the calcinate break off into chunks and block the pipework?

No, We spiral a small amount of chemical every 30 minutes which coats the scale and dissolves it to a powder form, unlike other methods that fill the pipe work with chemical allowing it to break off into large pieces.