Onboard water treatments

Health issues onboard.

Wherever you are bacteria, germs, pathogens and viruses are all around you. You will encounter them in the air, in water systems, or by hand contact combined with poor hand hygiene after using the toilet or handling raw food.

On board ship, these bacteria and germa can be easily passed amongst people sharing the compact environment. Hand washing is imperative, but prevenative cleaning and disinfection methods will also be required.


Consistent disinfection is essential to combat these problems:

  • Prevent health issues for passengers and crew from on board water supplies.
  • Prevent Biofilm build-up causing slow flow in water system pipe work or blockages and microbial corrosion.
  • Prevent harmful bacteria build-up in the Grey & Black water systems.
  • Prevent the transfer of marine organisms in Ballast water.
  • Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi water sterilisation.
  • Provide a passenger and crew point of use hand Hygiene system, to prevent Bacterial Cross Contamination issues.
  • Provide improved cleaning and sanitation procedures that can reduce or eliminate water residue marks.
  • Prevent food hygiene issues on kitchen and food surfaces.
  • Provide a cleaning protocol system that can help to prevent an outbreak of the Norovirus, or a clean-up method should it ever occur.


Envirolyte manufacture a range of machines that utilise an Electro Chemical Activation process.

Using electricity, salt and water it produces Hypochlorous Acid, which is known as Electrolysed Water.

Anolytre ANK is the name of our Neutral pH Electrolysed Water, which is very safe acidic liquid that is harmless to humans, animals and aquatic species.

It is a fact, that the human body immune system produces Hypochlorous Acid to fight off bacterial invaders. If our body makes it, then it must be good.

As a highly effcacious (powerful) solution that destroys bacteria, it has been scientifically proven that there are no known Pathogens or germs that it cannot eradicate.

Benefits of Envirolyte

Our machines are used all over the world on land and at sea, for various water and surface disinfection processes.

We can design a bespoke system to suite the needs of any water or surface disinfection application that you might have on board your vessel.

Our sea water range of machines take water from the ocean to produce the Anolyte ANK.

Using Anolyte ANK as a primary disinfection tool for your on-board water systems, you will ensure that at any tap outlet you will be providing water that is free of bacteria and pathogens.

By using Anolyte ANK to provide residual disinfection, this is the best way to prevent legionella issues occuring within any hot or cold water pipe work system, especially when there is a possibility that cabins can be unoccupied for an unspecified period of time.

The tap water can be used to wash salad and vegitables to rince off and remove bacteria, like E. Coli, or to wipe down foos preparation tables or any other surfaces, this includes personal hygiene and janitorial usage.

Popular uses onboard

Independent testing

Envirolyte systems and generated solutions (anolyte and catolyte) have been put through extensive series of independent tests and on-site trials including hospitals, breweries, water systems and agricultural environments.


Safer world

Being environmentally friendly, completely safe, non-toxic and non-irritant Anolyte is welcome where tradidional chemicals fail to produce the desired results or can’t be applied at all.


Better alternative

The conclusions prove that Anolyte being a powerful disinfectant is set to become the preferred solution for many sterilisation, disinfecting and water purification procedures.

If you have Jacuzzi’s on-board please remember that they have the potentioal to generate legionella, biofilm and other bacteria that can harm humans.

Using the correct dosing strength of any biocidal product to combat this is very important.

So it is imperative that continual and suitable disinfection of these leisure items is carried out, so by using Anolyte ANK on your Jacuzzi or in your swinning pool, you can be assured that you will have the safest and best possible protection in the market place.

Stale or musty smells that occur in bathrooms are a sign that there is a bacterial load building up which is causing the odour.

When Electrostatic sprayy gun or fogging machine is used with our product, this will also remove foul odours by destroying the bacteria that is causing it.

Continuously injecting Envirolyte solutions within a swimming pool renders the swimming water safe without the adverse effects of chlorine. Enviorlyte solutions destroy all bacteria, viral organisms, fungi and algae at a neutral pH level.

This is particularly relevent for older skin which is more easily damaged by exposure to chlorine treated water.


You will have probably seen a black mould that grows within shower cubicals or poorly ventilated rooms where the humidity is high?

This is either a biofilm or fungal growth, so if you use Anolyte ANK on all surfaces, such as the shower screen, walls, sinks, taps or floor it will destroy the mould or biofilm, doing this will remove the foul odour.

Boifilm will hide micro-organisms during a Chlorination procedure to remove things like legionella. Liquid Chlorine CAN NOT remove Biofilm, Sodium Hypochlorite (SH) products can remove it, however the killing power of SH is far less than Anolyte ANK.

Anolyte ANK can eradicate deadly bacteria and viruses including:

H1N1-A Influenza, MRSA, Norovirus, Rotavirus,  Tuberculosis, E-Coli, Influenza, Streptococcus, Hepititis B, Samonella, Human Coronavirus.

In water systems both scale and biofilm are places where bacteria and microorganisms can grow and hide.

It is a fact that using Anolyte ANK will reduce and remove scale build-up in your water pipe work. Therefore, when you use the water for washing the boat down, you should have reduced water marks and less smearing.