Engine Room Painting Services

Don’t neglect the heart of your yacht!

Whether you are an engineer, owner or prospective buyer, when you open the door to the engine room you expect to see the height of technical excellence along with spotless, shining metalwork, clean, dry & oil free surfaces.

Keeping your engine room maintained to the highest standard creates a safe, clean working environment for crew and in the event of a potential yacht sale a highy maintained yacht will undoubtedly command a higher price.

Engine rooms, tender garages, control rooms and associated areas can be prepared and refinished to a high standard. Our competitive cleaning and painting service includes:

  • Degreasing and painting of bilge areas
  • Cleaning of all engines exposed parts to remove rust  and corrosion
  • Painting of all engine and transmission area using a  high quality engine paint giving high impact,  economic, long  lasting protection
  • Polishing of hardware and extras
Yacht engine room
Engine room service
Service and cleaning for yacht engine rooms

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