Breathe Clean Air & Purify Your Living Space

Vessel sterilisation system which helps protect against norovirus and other unwanted diseases.

Beware the hidden dangers as untreated areas lead to unwanted diseases.  The proliferation of bacteria, viruses, mycobacteria, moulds and fungi can lead to a host of problems ranging on board ship. These range from general poor health to acute sickness.

Bugs can spread quickly and crew being laid low can make a big difference to the smooth running of your yacht. Guests being incapacitated can result in far-reaching damage to your reputation. M.I.S.T helps treat and protect against MRSA, legionairs, norovirus al all other major disease threats.

Norovirus prevention and treatment on board ship.

Norovirus Treatment is our speciality and is a straightforward process which involves us spraying the contaminated vessel with our non-toxic natural biocide. Marinevac delivers a clean and safe environment giving you complete peace of mind.

The process involves our specialist team spraying the entire vessel (or the main infected areas) with our unique M.I.S.T which is a fine particle cloud which can be sprayed on any surface and leaves no residue.

Help with norovirus prevention is also achieved using M.I.S.T by spaying the vessel before you have a problem. This can also help towards your COSWP obligations.

Marinevac Interior Sterilisation Treatment (MIST) eradicates 99.99% of all airborne and surface pathogens and viruses including MRSA, legionnaires and norovirus, as well as those that can cause allergies and respiratory inflammation. MIST completely sterilises walls, floors and all surfaces to remove hidden threats and leaves no visible trace or residues.

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A professional service

Our specialist team will spray the interior of your vessel.

In this shot, you can see the MIST leaving the machine and spreading across the interior. The mist becomes extremely fine and there is no need to cover any surfaces or soft furnishings (the salon in the image was already covered for other works).

We wear masks during application but our biocide is non-toxic and not haremful. The areas treated can be populated within the hour.

Norovirus Treatment
Yacht Interior Air Filtration

The Mist Biocide: 

  • Bactericidal
  • Mycobactericidal
  • Viricidal
  • Fungicidal
  • Sporicidal

Effective against micro-control of Paeruginosa, E-coli, S.Aureas, Enterococcus hirea, Bacillus subtillis, Asperigilus niger, Salmonella, Legionella pneumophilia and many more. Use for Spraying, foaming, ULV Fogging and wiping. Odour free so is suitable for food areas and areas where deodorisation is not.

Minimal investment, maximum benefit

When it comes to the environment of your yacht, you cannot afford to risk the well-being of crew and guests. Enjoy the very highest levels of cleanliness and protection with a total sterilisation solution from Marinevac.

A sterile environment that will go a long way to ensuring the health of all on board while safeguarding your reputation. MIST is competitively priced and our team operates efficiently, effectively and rapidly.

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