Vacuum Pump Maintenance and Repair Service for

EVAC and JETS Pumps in Marine Environments


Easy to overlook but an essential part of routine maintenance, the sewage vacuum pump is the
heart of the vessel’s sanitary systems and essential to life on board.

EVAC and JETS Vacuum Pump Repair Service


Prevent unplanned downtime and potentially expensive emergency repairs by booking a regular servicing plan with us.

We’ll ensure you receive only genuine original manufacturer high-quality spare parts, and your pumps are serviced by experienced engineers.

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Prevention is better than cure

The vacuum pump is the heart of an EVAC or JETS toilet system so it is important to keep up with a regular preventative maintenance plan.


Minimising your pumps’ downtime

For emergency repairs, our service centre is equipped to give you the fastest turnaround time possible and our pick-up and drop-off service aims to ensure your pumps are only offline for a short, prearranged period.

EVAC and JETS recommend that pumps are regularly serviced to maintain reliability and high performance levels.


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Our mission is to provide our customers with an extremely high level of quality service, working together with similar minded local professionals to achieve your total satisfaction.

Vacuum Pump Repair and Maintenance Service for the Marine Environment

Pump Action


Sales and Repairs of Vaccum Pumps for the Marine Environment


At MARINEVAC we sell, service, and install most major brands of vaccum pump.

We have the capability to re-build most types of pumps, replace motors, replace seals, install new suction lines, and replace assemblies.

With many years of experience and technical know-how, our skilled engineers can offer you services and repairs of Evac pumps, Jets pumps and other brands such as Gianneschi, Calpeda, Stork, Speck, BBA and more.


Reduce Pump Downtime and Improve Pump Performance


Our mission is to reduce the amount of downtime for our customers while simultaneously enhancing pump performance and operational longevity.

Good preventive maintenance is the only way to prevent undesirable fails during the busy season.

Working independent of any brand, we can supply you with high-quality spare parts at a very competitive price. In everything we do, our prime focus is on optimal functionality of your equipment and to ensure that you are provided with exemplary service.


What are the service intervals for vacuum pumps?


This is sometimes listed in the owner’s manual for your specific model and it depends on your particular application and duty rating.


Jets and Evac pumps: every 2 years
Black and Grey water pumps: every 2 years

Evac Vacuum Pump Repairs

JETS Pump Repairs

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