HVAC Duct Cleaning Service

Marine HVAC System Inspection and Cleansing Services

Marinevac through its trusted partners aim to encourage hygenic indoor air quality throughout the HVAC system. Health benefits, such as reduced employee illness/sickness costs, are a major beneficial reward to employers who utilise our services.


HVAC Services include.


1         HVAC System Inspection and Cleansing Services

2         Reconditioning of Air Handling Units

3         Kitchen/Galley Extract System Cleansing Service – ICE-Clean Technology

4         Electronic Disinfecting Process

5         Inspection: Robotic Camera, Microbiological, Deposit Thickness and  Airborne Micro-Dust Testing Options

6         Explosion Safe Video and Endoscopic Examination

7         TR19 and HTM03-01 Standards

* No job is too big or too small our service provider caters for both yachts and commercial vessels


Some of our current HVAC clients:

  • RY Al said (full scope including galleys and laundries)
  • MY Eclipse (galley)
  • MY Dilbar (galley)
  • My Ona (was Dilbar)
  • SY Athena (full scope)
  • MY Lady Lara
  • My Constellation
  • MY Harle
  • MY Broadwater
  • MY Wedge TooPlus many more.



Marinevac Service Options

Gold, Silver and Bronze service for yachts

Fire damper functionality and certification


Fire dampers are a critical part of the air conditioning ducting system. They prevent fire spreading from one area to another.

It is critical that these systems are regularly checked and certified.


Regular checks include


Correct installation.

Correct functionality  i.e. a drop test whereby we make sure the damper is not sticking and closes completely.

Ease of access as requested by lloyds.


Full report and certificate on completion.


It is imperative to have regular inspections carried out on your fire dampers as this could save lives.

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