Glass works

Glass in the marine environment comes in for a lot of harsh wear and tear. Salt, chemicals, knocks and scratches can adversely affect the clarity of the glass onboard.

Efficient, economical and ecological.

We recommend a repair and maintenance regime, that is rapid, cost effective and environmentally friendly. Original glass can be restored and chipped or scratched glass can be saved thus avoiding the need for replacement.


Over time glass can suffer from a build up of grime and salt and calcium deposits which can affect the clarity and shine quality of the glass.

This can be chemically removed and the glass can be mechanically polished back to an ‘as new’ condition. Finally a nano-technology coating protects the glass from white points and calcification.

Scratch repair

Glass can easily become scratched and sometimes these can be so severe and deep that replacement may seem the only option.

Using special filling compounds and very precise polishing techniques, the damaged glass can be saved. Further protection can be given by applying a film coating which also cuts out UV damage.

Chips and cracks

Can be filled and polished to greatly improve their appearance, and restore strength to the damaged area.