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A leading supplier of Evac spare parts


With over 35 years’ experience, Evac has supplied marine toilet spares and systems for over 8,000 vessels
ranging from work boats & luxury yachts to the largest ferries and cruise liners.
Marinevac can supply all Evac Spares and ship worldwide.

Genuine EVAC Spares and EVAC Toilet Spare Parts


Marinevac is a verified Evac partner with many year’s of experience supplying genuine Evac spare parts to super yachts, yachts, oil rigs and cruise ships all over the Mediterranean.


We can supply Evac spare parts for the complete range of Evac vacuum toilets and marine toilets.

Beware of using copycat and counterfeit parts in Evac systems, as this can damage the entire system. It’s not worth risking disruption at sea.


We are very competitive on price and we will ship genuine Evac spares right to your vessel, wherever you are lying.


Our Genuine Evac Spares range includes:



Evac has more than 35 years of experience in developing parts and materials, and a reputation of standing behind their waste water management solutions.


At Marinevac we also have experience in removing, replacing, and repairing systems to which competitor or copied parts have been fitted and which no longer meet Evac customer or marine industry standards.


Evac are the leading innovator in marine sanitation technology. With over 8,000 Evac installations in operation on all types of ships, Evac are known for high quality, flexible cost-efficient solutions backed up by a first class service.



We ship genuine Evac spare parts to customers around the world.

Contact our expert team on accounts@marinevac.com or 0034 971 673 005 if you need any help at all.

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Our mission is to provide our customers with an extremely high level of quality service, working together with similar minded local professionals to achieve your total satisfaction.

Vacuum Toilets


Evac manufacture a range of a range of durable, water-saving and low sound level vacuum toilets for the marine industry.  From the economical Optima 3 range to the advanced Optima 5 and stainless steel options.  Marine toilets, bidets and urinals are made from high quality porcelain and stainless steel. Wall and floor mounted models can be supplied and come with the same comfort and hygiene as a conventional WC.

Vacuum Interface Valves

Evac Vacuum Interface Valves

Vacuum interface valves (VIVs) are used to connect gravity-based appliances to a vacuum sewage system.  Vacuum interface valves allow the systems to also accept waste from all other gravity fixtures, including baths, showers, sinks, and urinals.  The 2 litre and 5 litre vacuum interface valves both use the Evac pneumatic flush mechanism with flush memory and vacuum sensor technology.  No electricity is required in this fully automated system.

Collecting Units

Evac Vacuum Collecting Units

Vacuum collection devices efficiently collect food waste, sewage and condensation and transfer it to a collection tank or treatment plant using vacuum pump technology.  Evac has been designing, manufacturing and supplying a variety of powerful vacuum collection solutions to customers for more than four decades, including a number of food waste collection units, water-saving vacuum toilets, and vacuum and collection units for condensation.

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