Deep Clean

Marinevac is a leading provider of black and grey water pipe descaling and waste-water management onboard superyachts in many destinations worldwide. Headed
up by Managing Director David Ballyn, the team are based in Palma De Mallorca but offer services throughout mainland Spain,France, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Malta, Florida, South East Asia & Australia.

David Ballyn recently announced an exciting new partnership with Sea Grapes International who will now offer Marinevac services on Sint Maarten, the first service of its kind on the island.

“We clean the black and grey water pipe lines for many of the world’s largest superyachts with our operators in the Mediterranean, East Coast America and the Far East, but it’s great that we now have a highly respected partner in Sint Maarten.” David Ballyn

The unique Marinevac process means that the vacuum black and grey water pipe work on a vessel can be cleaned with the minimum of disruption either in port or on anchor. The service allows the vacuum toilet systems to remain fully operational during the cleaning, reducing any inconvenience onboard. Due to client demand, Marinevac now offer a complete internal sanitization service in 3 easy steps.

Step 1 Flushing of grey water lines

Their skilled team work effectively around the crew with minimal disruption as their unique flushing system cleans and sanitises sinks and shower drains. Following the removal and cleaning of the P- Traps they then flush the inside walls of the pipework; the jetting system is specially designed for yacht pipework and allows
them to reach greater distances to clean away any build-up or blockages. It simultaneously applies a biocide which helps keep the pipework clean and odour free for longer.

Step 2 Deep Clean

A deep clean of all surfaces using the most effective equipment and chemicals and including areas:

• Galleys/kitchens, hot & cold pantries, cold, dry & freeze stores, walk-in fridges, cooker hoods, ovens and all relevant appliances
• Tiled or waterproof floorings, shower cabin units, corridors,walls, ceilings
• Mess rooms, lounges and sleeping accommodation
• Gymnasiums, spas, leisure facilities
• Kitchen/galley extract cleaning services

Step 3 M.I.S.T (Marine Internal Sterilisation Treatment)

M.I.S.T – a non-toxic cloud which eradicates 99.9999% of all airborne pathogens and surface viruses on contact. Invisible dangers can lead to illness of crew and guests as airborne pathogens and surface viruses including MRSA, Salmonella, Legionella and Norovirus, can cause huge disruption at sea.
• M.I.S.T – is expertly applied with specialist sprayers that form a fine mist cloud
• No need to cover any surfaces, M.I.S.T can be applied to any hard and soft furnishings without trace
• The specially formulated biocide does not contain Ozone or any bleaching product such as Hydrogen Peroxide
• It is completely safe to use in food preparation environments.
• Helps eradicate the risk of airborne pathogens and surface viruses
• Keeps the vessel protected against airborne and surface bacteria

Over the years, the Marinevac portfolio has grown in line with client needs and they now offer many additional services including, EVAC sanitary equipment and spare parts and Loro- gravity and vacuum pipe work.