MIST – Breathe Clean Air & Purify Your Living Space

Indoor Air and Surface Purification.

The truth is, most of the indoor surfaces you come into contact with have NEVER been thoroughly decomantaminated. No matter how many hours your crew or cleaners spendcleaning, there are some bacteria which simply cannot be removed with standard methods and products.

MIST (Marinevac Interior Sterilisation Treatment) provides the ultimate purification system with the proven capability to rid your environment of 99.9% of all health and performance affecting bacteria and viruses. These include H1N1-a Influenzs, MRSA, Norovirus, Rotavirus, E-Coli, Samonella and Legionella to name just a few.

Constant exposure to the marine environment with high residual moisture content can encourage microbial growth of mould in duct work and air handling units. As these moulds, mildew and fungi develop in the dark recesses of the duct work, they multiply and spread like wildfire developing spores that carry “mycotoxins” into the air. Some mycotoxins have been associated with allergies, respiratory inflammation and other complaints and health problems.

Mist completely sterilises walls, floors and surfaces to remove this hidden threat, leaving no visible trace or residue on surface materials, windows, glass or mirrors. The MIST system can also be used to sterilise air conditioning ducting directly through the air handlers, which in turn filter through into the accommodation areas.

Whether you are a private yacht or charter vessel, this service gives peace of mind that owners, clients and crew are living or working within a healthier, cleaner environment. This services can be carried out quickly and with minimal disruption to crew on board. Even the largest of super yachts could be treated in 1 day; the majority of jobs can be completed within 6-8 hours.

Marinevac are able to provide before and after independent laboratory reports to fully illustrate the effectiveness of the treatment.

Our MIST treatment is not only suitable for the marine industry but can be applied to private residences, clinics, schools, care homes, nurseries etc. Our formula has been fully tested and carries no risk of toxicity usually associated with other products which rely on chemical action alone.

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